The Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge Committee (CCSBC) is a citizens group dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the John A. Roebling Bridge.

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The John A. Roebling Bridge 

(Officially opened January 1, 1867) 

The John A. Roebling Bridge has been an iconic landmark over the Ohio River for more than 150 years. Designed by civil engineer John Roebling, the bridge officially opened to traffic on January 1, 1867. Its 1,075 foot span made it the longest bridge in the world.

The bridge is an engineering marvel that employed several new bridge-building techniques. Perhaps its most impressive features are the two primary cables, each containing 5,180 individual wires. The cables were “spun” in place using wire imported from England. A second set of cables was added in 1897 to support heavier loads.

In addition to being a National Historic Landmark, the bridge has been designated as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Although the Roebling shares the riverfront with several bridges today, it remains a major thoroughfare for pedestrians and vehicles. Many residents use it to get to work each day, access the riverfront sports venues, and to reach the bars and restaurants in Covington and Cincinnati. 

We invite you to walk across the Roebling Bridge for an up-close look at its structure and the views offered along its span. 


Roebling News

2022 Photo Contest Public Voting Period is Now Open

From Aug 9th through Aug 15th, 2022

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The Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge Committee invites you to cast your vote for the best photographs. There are many awesome photos in this group! There is a lot of photographer talent in this area! The preliminary choices have been made and now the best shots are offered to you in the public voting period between 8/9/2022 and 8/16/2022. We encourage everyone to vote whether you have submitted an image or not. Invite your friends and family to come and vote. The more ballots that are filled out, the better the results will be. 

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2022 Photo Contest Begins July 1st

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The much anticipated annual Roebling Bridge photo contest will be accepting photo submissions during the month of July, starting July 1st and ending on August 2nd. This very popular photo contest of one of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's most visible historical icons attracts photographers and photos of both amateurs and professionals alike. Capture a piece of history in your lens and submit your photo into the contest!

The photo-submission period is now complete. Please return on August 9th to cast your vote for the best images. Invite everyone to vote.


““… this bridge, when constructed, will possess great claims as a national monument. As a splendid work of art and as a remarkable specimen of the modern engineering and construction, it will stand unrivaled upon the continent. Its gigantic features will speak loudly in favor of the energy and enterprise of its possession.””

John A. Roebling, 1846






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