FOCUS on the Roebling - Photo Contest

The Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge Committee (CCSBC) is looking for striking photographs and sponsors for the Roebling Suspension Bridge Photo Contest. The contest will be held from July 1st through July 31st, 2022. Public voting for the winning photos will take place from Aug 8th through August 15th, 2022.


Enter The Photo Contest

  • Enter one to three photos or videos for a total $25 entry fee.
  • Each participant will receive free newsletters from the Roebling Bridge Committee and have the option to participate in committee proceedings and events.
  • Each participant will receive one print. Either one 8" X 10" print or one 8" X 12" print depending on the dimensions of the image.
  • Winners will be announced on this website and the winners will be contacted.


Contest Prizes


The amateur and professional winner of each of the three categories will receive... 

  • An exclusive one hour trip together with the other winners to the top of the Roebling Suspension Bridge for a photo-shoot.
  • A 16" X 20" or 18" X 20" print, depending on the dimensions of the image.




Cincinnati Photographers

Get your work noticed! This is a great opportunity to earn recognition for your award-winning photography!

Contest Terms

  • Photos must be submitted by the owner/creator of the image.
  • There are no date restrictions on photos.
  • Photos should not have been submitted to our contest in previous years.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Each applicant may submit up to but no more than 3 items.
  • Applications must be made on the website, and the contest photos and videos must be uploaded.
  • Applications must be submitted between 7/1/2022 through 7/31/2022.




  • Photos must contain the Roebling Suspension Bridge itself or any identifiable element of the bridge in the photo submitted.
  • All Photos must be .jpg format and must meet file size requirements below:

    a. Amateurs: Preferably 1mb or larger

    b.  Professionals: Between 2mb and 50mb
  • Videos must be 15 seconds or less and submitted in mp4 format.
  • You retain your rights to your photograph or video, however by entering the photo contest you grant CCSBC a royalty-free license to publicly display, distribute, and/or reproduce images and videos in a manner that supports the CCSBC mission.  Any photograph or video used will include a photographer credit as feasible.

Contest Levels & Categories


There are three categories into which you may submit your photos this year. 


1. Daytime Photos

Daytime images with the Roebling Bridge in them. The bridge lights must be turned off for daylight photos.

2. Nighttime Photos

Nighttime images with the Roebling Bridge in them. If the bridge lights are turned on in your photo, the image should be submitted in the Nighttime Photos category. 

3. Short Video

This is a new category in which short videos may be submitted. The videos should contain images of the bridge. Accepted videos will be 15 seconds or less.



Contest Levels

There are two levels into which you may submit your photos this year. 



Takes photos for fun. You have never sold any of your work or been published and/or featured in any magazines or media publications.


Takes photos to earn income. You have been hired to take photos. Your work has been purchased and/or you have have been published in magazines or media publications. 


The committee loves seeing all of your submitted photos from traditional to enhanced!

Contest Levels & Categories

There are three categories and two levels into which you may submit your photos this year. 

Contest Levels & Categories

There are three categories and two levels into which you may submit your photos this year. 


Photo Clubs

Photo clubs are encouraged to share this opportunity with photographers. We'll mention your clubs here on the contest page.

Judging Process



  • A panel will evaluate the photos and videos that have been submitted and will narrow the list down to the best three entries in each category.
  • The selected entries will be displayed here on this website.
  • The public will be invited to cast votes for the entries they like best.
  • The entry that receives the most votes in its category will be declared the category winner.  

The voting period will begin on August 8th and will remain open for only 7 days. 

One vote will be accepted per houshold (IP) for each 24 hours.

The Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge Committee invites you to return here to cast your vote for the best photographs. Anyone may vote.

The winners will be contacted and their names will be posted here online.

Thank you for your participation in the photo contest!


Sponsored By

The Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge Committee wishes to thank our sponsor, madison photo works, for sponsoring the 2022 photo contest. 




See madison photo works for your photography supplies and prints.