A National Historic Landmark

“While many historic places are important locally or on a state or regional level, a few have meaning for most Americans. Places that “possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating and interpreting the heritage of the United States” are designated National Historic Landmarks. National Historic Landmarks illuminate our rich and complex national story and make tangible the American experience. They are places where significant historical events occurred, where prominent Americans worked or lived, that represent those ideas that shaped the nation, that provide important information about our past, or that are outstanding examples of design or construction. They guide us in comprehending important trends and patterns in American history. They form the common bonds that tie together the many groups that settled the country and provide anchors of stability in a fast changing word, ensuring that the nation’s heritage will be accessible to generations yet unborn.”


Our Community Landmark

Few communities can claim a National Historic Landmark as their distinguishing symbol. Since 1867, the image of “Our Suspension Bridge” has been the corporate symbol of local government and business interests, displayed in mass media and rendered in art form adorning the walls of homes and businesses. Buildings and stadiums vie to be its neighbor and city parks and river front developers claim it as their centerpiece icon. Today, more than ever, this bridge speaks loudly in favor of the regional community.



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