Roebling Bridge Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations 2019 Photo Contest Winners!

The 2019 Roebling Suspension Bridge Photo Contest was a great success! There were many very nice photos and winners were chosen by a public vote. Thank you to all the photographers who applied their craft to contribute such wonderful images of our historical landmark. 

The winning photographers were the following:

Amateur Competition

Susan Willin, Benjamin Wright and Allison Rotella

Professional Competition

Jennifer Haralamos, Tim Meredith, and Tony Wagner


Photo Contest Winners

Contest Prizes

The amateur and professional winner of each of the three themes will receive... 


  • An exclusive trip to the top of the Roebling Suspension Bridge for a photo-shoot.
  • A free 16' x 20" or 16" x 24" gallery canvas wrap print of their winning photo from PROCAM.

All photographers who enter the contest will receive...

  • A free 8" x 10" or 8" x 12" paper print for each of their submitted photos from PROCAM.

Sponsored By

The Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge Committee wishes to thank our sponsor, PROCAM, for sponsoring the 2018 photo contest. 




See PROCAM for your photography equipment needs.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a photograph for the contest!

There were many very nice photos submitted. 


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